Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Your inventory level needs some attention, and your warehouse is overflowing at delivery times. OFL can run a detailed analysis of the aspects of operations and transportation services to enhance your supply chain.


Managing the materials flow through your organisation or the detailed planning and organisation of any large complex operation, reducing your company’s costs, improving your customer service quality, and increasing the synchronisation of activities throughout your supply chain or your project.

Supply Chain Management

Lean? Green? Inventory nightmares? Are you curious about the status of your strategic, tactical and/or operational processes in your supply chain (coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers (3PL), and customers)?

OFL has learned most of its supply chain management skills from the automotive and aerospace industries: achieve optimal value from third party contractors, improve category strategy and secure the cooperation of stakeholders at all levels. Talk about rigid deadlines: been there, done that, and ready to go back at it for you.