Venue Planning & Operations From the BOH to the FOH, inside out

From allocating the right people for the Front Of House to managing contractors backstage while running ancillary events and ensuring both the performers, or athletes, and the audience, invited or not, are well looked after for the safety of all: yes, welcome to the world of venue operations!

OFL has kept calm (and managed to resolve the situation) when:
–    A contractor had to tear an installation down and replace it 2 hours before kick-off,
–    The hot water supply blew up in the middle of the event, and the repairs took 5 days, in the middle of a long weekend,
–    A sport delegation showed up at an Olympic venue without any accreditation,
–    The catering deliveries overloaded the kitchens with too many fruits (donations to the local food bank were the way to go),
–    The fences of the construction site had to be moved for health and safety reasons.

Once I have provided planning and operational input on venue’s designs with the venue team, I LOVE digging into:
–    Blueprints and overlay concept: imagine, create, develop, adjust, implement and deliver,
–    Events services: source and manage the event equipment,
–    Team & delegate services: coordinate training facilities and training schedules,
–    Game day operations: set up & tear down, volunteer management, time management,
–    Administration: report on the good, the lessons and the rest.