Purchasing & Contract Management

Purchasing goods and services from external suppliers is a critical part of most organisations. Who do you use as a supplier? What kind of contract terms do you need? What constraints and restrictions do you have on your purchasing power? OFL can assist you with making sure:

  • You get what you want
  • You get what you pay for

Assessing your environment to optimise your decision on spending and combine the right item, at the right price, quality, and quantity, from the right supplier at the right terms, and at the right time. OFL supplies you with the drafting of the request documents you want to publish and send out to your potential suppliers or customers.
OFL has written both Requests For Proposals and Proposals: let me know which side of the fence you stand!

Contract Management
From negotiating the terms and conditions to documenting and agreeing on any changes that may occur during the implementation of the contract, OFL facilitates the execution of your corporate contracts when you decide to purchase goods or services.