Project Management in Sport Events Running your event, seamlessly

Are you part of the organising side?
OFL’s experience lies in:
–    Planning and operational coordination of assets delivery to sport event venues,
–    Coordinating the entire project management process, from sourcing, RFP editing and follow-up, proposal evaluation and leading contract negotiations, maximising Value-In-Kind (VIK) opportunities when available
–    Managing freight forwarding and warehouse needs, dealing with customs, ordering, storing, packing, distributing to the different venues,
–    Selecting shipping and other service suppliers,
–    Contributing to management solutions on behalf of your partners (host broadcaster, rights holders, sponsors, clients),
–    Preparing and distributing clear concepts and guidelines to suppliers for the operational phase.

These are some examples of what OFL has managed for its clients:

–    IT
–    Broadcasting / AV equipment
–    Catering
–    Uniforms
–    Construction (permit application, coordination)
–    Accommodation negotiations
–    Furniture / Office supplies
–    Off-site storage

Or are you interested in submitting a proposal to one of the organising entities?
If so, please talk to me: I happen to speak the same language as these organising institutions. I do not play any “Copy/Paste” game, as every sport event is different. Results have been gratifying, and I like to keep it that way.
Let me assist you with:
–    A powerful executive summary
–    Investing on quality: your company’s and the document you will be submitting
–    Showing your creativity, outstanding practices and innovative solutions.