Bringing sexy back?

So, yes, summer has arrived, as per the calendar, and the A/C has kicked in again in some parts of the Northern hemisphere. The school season is about to be over for some, and the mood is up, understandably looking for some chilling and letting-lose time. We even may think we get more time to enjoy the pretty things in life.

Pretty things are around the rest of the year too. I know I rarely slow down to smell the roses, focused on going, doing, achieving and completing what I committed to. I do spend time on that part, yes: because I care, not because I want to look good, rather because I want my client to look good. And because I just love for my work to look great. If it turns out to be sexy, even better!

Now, let me clarify one detail here. When I say sexy, I mean “pleasantly looking good”, excitingly appealing, and sometimes glamourous, in a pure platonic way. I get the same when I train and teach in martial arts: once I master a technique, it is my decision to make it look good while using it in any situation. It is not just about the technique, and the principle is the same for work: it is how I deliver it, ensuring the content of my work maintains high standards while it stands out to the eyes of my client. Admittedly I do not have “clients” in martial arts, the context and the actors are different: I train to get better at what I do and to challenge myself in unexpected situations. It is just another facet of logistics (or at least, that is how I look at it): how do I respond under pressure and unknown parameters?

In business, the wellbeing of a relationship goes a long way, and mostly gets triggered with how we click with either a potential client or a hopeful business partner. So, what defines that click? Dare I bring the excitingly appealing factor? Indeed, and yes, when I click on someone’s brain because I sense an idea can turn into a successful project, based on how that person thinks and what s/he brings to the table, I am in. It is all very subjective, and it is fine: I go by how I feel about the future of a partnership, based on the person’s mental outlook. I respond to a sharp (and entertaining) mindset which shows logistics/business audacity, or interest in being creative in the development and completion of an idea. That is like a teaser to my brain, and I find it sexy enough to engage!

So, yes, it is summer, and winter can be sexy too. It is more a matter of what I make of it. Pleasure from work achievements, or business ideas and projects is one of the most rewarding feelings I have had. Catching that flame in my business partner’s eyes is a pure booster: I am ready for more! What about you?