The little Frog turns 1 today!

So, that is it: first big milestone on the birthday calendar. Does that make it an infant, a teenager or a young adult, in business years?

Some countries became independent that same day: Venezuela (1811), Algeria (1962) and Cape Verde (1975). And promising, or confirmed sport figures get to blow another candle too: New Zealand Cricketer John Wright, Argentinean footballer Hernan Crespo, or Japanese tennis player Ai Sugiyama who was born the day Arthur Ashe became the first black man to win the Wimbledon singles title. These twin events have only fostered more inspiration to what was a baby-stage company a year ago.

The business plan keeps on evolving and growing, to both respond to the Frog’s aspirations (that might be the infant’s take) and what the market expects (then the adult comes to play). It has been a tremendous learning curve, and the little Frog loves it. Challenges and tricky decisions jump here and there while the amphibian bounces back on unexpected opportunities, in moist and drier environments. It is adapting to various habitats, creating some imaginary buoyancy, building a stronger core for the upcoming projects.

Of course, OFL keeps learning, from the younger souls and the mature ones.

Reflecting on 365 days of discoveries proves to be an awakening exercise too, pondering on all the decisions made so far, modeling and shaping every day to a better and better scenario. Mistakes have been made, and they turned to productive lessons for the future. Intentions get refined, one day at a time, and shared with others, whether they are with friends, family or clients, and the little frog keeps walking, running, gliding, swimming, climbing and jumping along this stimulating business path.

Keeping focused, OFL’s strongest engine is its mind: with an unlimited desire to grow, synchronise with what Life unfolds and shine around. With big (kid) ideas and adult gear and capabilities! Looking forward to many more years of positive and sportive vibes and expanding the little frog’s pond!

Being grateful for the experience, the learning and the support from everywhere, and it is only the beginning :-)