And… Action!

Where to start? The street around Times Square already look like nothing happened a few days ago, some countries have agreed to give an extra day off away after partying harder on a weekend, and the Dakar (the one on land, not the flying one) has started off with the loss of an Argentinean rider. That is scary, and sad. Then a flying camera falling on a field in the middle of a game qualifies for another scary moment. Any resolution in mind, anyone?

2012 promises to be busy, and any logistics decision is going to be critical to make it: because it often calls for financial commitment too. From recruiting the appropriate security contractors in London for the Olympics to explaining why Victoria Beckham cut her husband’s options short from playing with France’s PSG choosing Beverly Hills over the Champs Elysées, or the Qatar international co-branding (whether David Beckham would move or not), negotiations between potential or existing partners will take time and require extreme patience. The Euro will hopefully bring the best of the teams, and make up for some mishaps at the 2010 World Cup. Part of the Davis Cup is scheduled to come back to Vancouver in February, and tickets are already sold out. The 99thTour de France will start in Belgium.

Horses will race in the snow at the White Turf shortly after the FIRST Winter Youth Olympics in Innsbruck. Determined rugby players will make us dream again at the 6 nations tournament. Russia will run a few test events to get ready for 2014, whether it is in speed skating, in luge or in Greco-Roman wrestling. The Spengler Cup and the NHL playoffs will certainly keep their eyes on Canada. Exceptional navigators will venture the oceans for the Vendée Globe, La Solitaire du Figaro, the Ocean Race or some legs of the America’s Cup.

This just looks like a messy calendar, and I only scratched the surface, I know. It also gives me goosebumps of restless excitement knowing what can be achieved, both by athletes and organising teams: that is what keeps me going, and boosts my inspirations. So much to look forward to, new challenges, new encounters, new projects, ongoing learning and development: how is that for a thrill? Sure there are politics, budget constraints, some cleaning to do after a sterile move and plain “what-is-the-point-of-all-this” kind of day to deal with. Nothing new here: that comes with the full package, regardless of the industry. Stumbling is only a natural part of growing, personally and professionally.

Recently asked about how I felt after pushing hard, and what I thought was beyond my physical capabilities, I was encouraged to say “what was” rather than “what was not”, only to confirm how, in some instances, I was limiting myself. Well, that is over: the action is now, and relies on the scenario I am putting together. And 2012 promises to be active, to say the least: loving it! Now, I am curious: what action(s) are you taking these days?