The chameleon

The day this little frog turned 2 (again, thank you for your continuous support, looking forward to many more amazing business years with existing and new clients), I was invited to a company’s party in Central London. On a rooftop. And the dry and warm temperature held up. All afternoon and night. The weather part, given the recent “summer” statistics, is as exceptional as is this company’s leadership team. The people I met and had conversations with confirmed why they were there, this year, again, ten or twenty years later. Yes, the company of other guests was delightful, and above all, the people who have been managing this company are like magnets, and it is not just about their social skills.

The two leaders have gone through ups and downs, like so many other entrepreneurs. Over the years, their initial core business grew, and diversified. On the paper, it looked improbable and too risky. As a matter of fact, the ones, partners, clients or suppliers, who took a chance with them twenty years ago were at the party last week. And they all represent very different lines of businesses. Of course, loyalty plays a major role in this scheme. However, keeping business relationships untainted for that long, and transforming them into actual friendships over the years, remains slightly exceptional.

My discussions with one of the leaders a few months back revealed a passionate human being with unpredictable talents. The combination of all first sounded implausible, and turns out to be much venerable and inspiring. He is not a magician: only a determined man with a vision when, once shared, makes his audience enthusiastic and wanting to follow. He is like a chameleon, and effortlessly adapts to his environment: his humility could prevent him from admitting this character trait, yet his -business- adventures, and successes, are a proof of his personal acclimatisation capacities.

An entrepreneur who can detect subtle sounds, sights, fragrances or tastes and use her/his social senses to keep her/his business alive (and gradually kicking) can only succeed. Nothing to do with money, awards or desire to be famous: it is exactly the opposite, where the quiet and social animal manages to draw the attention of a few, and these are a few very good ones, with daring and curious minds. I met some of them on that rooftop, and, not that surprisingly, they all had this natural easiness in sharing some memorable moments and episodes of their lives, glorious and priceless, mirroring some past conversations I had had previously with one of the party hosts.

There is no impersonation of any kind here, neither political correctness nor acting have a role. These people are just themselves, being human and smart: nothing else. One even told me: “we can only be good to others, and that is what we do. After that, there is not much we can do.” To do so, one has to blend in to understand her/his surroundings: only chameleon spirits can do that, and they seem to radiate like-minded ones around.