Crossing further

While some politicians are debating on a way to pay their country’s debts and decide on a budget, others are looking into new nuclear projects and worldwide charities are running another stretch of their continuous fundraising campaign. The new year’s celebrations are competing year after year to reach extra-elevated standards, running after ultimate qualifications under some “top-notch” categories the world looks at for less than 48 hours. Even knowing that Sydney will usually be one of the first events to set the tone and be broadcast, Seoul has gone Gangnam-style this year to be more noticed. Always wanting more, or probably “just” better.

It is interesting to see that the festivities taking place at the Asakusa shrine in Tokyo simply follow the same ritual every year and strike the massive Buddhist bell 108 times: traditions are heavy in some cultures, yet crowds are still gathering from all over. And Japan subtly keeps pushing its own boundaries. Maybe that is the key: recycling the old and sprinkling some new elements to it, constantly adjusting to align to and/or reach another level. That is what Samoa and Tokelau have done with skipping the 30th. of December and directly switch from the 29th. to the 31st. for business reasons.

Crossing some so-called limits, often seen or set by others, provides that sense of rebirth and a great kick in the mind to reevaluate one’s foundations and values (yes, values happen to play a major part in rethinking habits or challenging tried-and-trusted applications). Questioning what one has been taught and grown up around can shake a few beliefs. They are just that: beliefs, and they certainly can be discussed, so one can shift actions to another direction.

Irresponsible, you think? Quite the opposite, actually. Shifting views and actions requires one simple choice: to take the lead and the ability to respond, and then crossing beyond the line one had in mind. Not just because, rather to grow, to evolve and to be. This is foreign to any kind of resolution (quite typical on a new year’s day), and this is also different from a rule. Unless you find comfort in a “same-old, same-old” routine, I wish you to go further, and explore, try your luck, dare to be yourself and genuinely relish it. It only takes your decision, understanding one always has a choice. Today and other days, go out and cross those lines. And keep having fun!