Leather for some, crystal for others

To the count of 3, make a wish! That is it: OFL is reaching the tender age of 3. What a ride, a temper, a series of rollercoaster-like palpitations, including deceptions, excitements and other decision-making exercises. And it is not over yet. Comparing that length of time to a wedding anniversary, we celebrate with leather (for the traditionalists) or with crystal (for the modernists). Either way, the learning curve keeps getting refined day after day, similar to a nicely chiseled glass: the one we use for special occasions, for a wine full of subtlety, and that we hand wash, as a sign of respect. Sure there is a bit of pride, mixed with a happy surprise to have gone “that” long.

I broke a “bit” of glass, for sure: the biggest amount was certainly backstage, where all the magic happens (or not). I took more classes, seminars and attended more refresher events than I thought I would, and it is all for the better. The challenge is delicious to undertake, whichever angle it is coming from. Polishing up on skills and being exposed to a rather diverse panel of clients make an uplifting idea of the future. I am going through that 3-year mark that so many business analysts and other small business experts use as a threshold to determine if it can make it or break. What I am looking at breaking focuses more on records than sustainability (and stability too), thank you (there might still be some glass though, and I will make it bearable, if and when that happens).

Canada celebrated its 146thbirthday this week: OFL has less candles to blow out, and as long as it can jump (and as long as I make it jump), I want to salute the ones who keep supporting and trusting it. Now is the time: like the Toronto Pride last week, I want to continue and compose with more colours, diversify and build memories, stretching to a realm of possibilities. Regularly stepping outside of my comfort zone is a key that has opened many unexpected doors, and I like it. I am happy to feel awkward and uncomfortable (and in 3 years, it has happened often…) when I try something new: I want more of that, and it is not a 3-year old tantrum.

Jumping without a safety net is a learning and daily process, and often scary to think about (I know I have expressed some resistance to it in the past: working on it). I am lucky to have some guidance, here and there, to remind me of what is essential and what qualifies as a priority for OFL, and myself. So, now… action!

Photo credit © Ambro – “Candles on hand”, Stock image 10040072