Expanding toolbox

Having recently switched gear in the technology department, I knew I would shorten my nights, wanting to discover and learn about this treasure trove I had kept myself from touching and exploring for some time. The honeymoon has started and hit me nicely though. Admittedly I was slightly afraid of being overwhelmed by so much information in one shot. Rightly so, indeed. Stumbling upon a world (no, really, that looks like a world, and beyond) I was suspecting about, and definitely did not know much about, scared me a little. Ok, a lot.

I had done my homework, done lengthy research on (thinking and) understanding what would suit my needs in assumed situations. First double mistake: the assumption (duh…) of what I would likely need (honestly, after all these years, have I not learned that these are everything but set in stone?). Asking friends, clients and other supposed professionals about their own experience was actually driving me to another board of confusion, and doubts. The idea of switching gear itself was as challenging as I made it, and yet, it was (and is, for that matter) as simple as relaxing a little, just making it happen and seeing what it does for/to me (and subsequently what I do to/about it).

This reminds me of anything I learn at the dojo and all the nuances any of the skills I work on developing, collecting bruises and going through that piece of information some call “pain”. Pain is no more than a tool, often considered as a threshold or a reference. Playing, testing and pushing those skills can hurt (they often do), yet any of the tools I have grown have more hurt my ego than anything else. The idea of fear and limitations is just that: an idea. Realising that the combination of tools I am building is expanding further than I thought it would is a bliss, and I am very happy I was wrong in the first place.

Digging more and more into what I did not know, by learning, practicing, failing and relearning demonstrates how much there is to study, digest and review. And this is rather exciting. Knowledge might be power, sure, it certainly feels great to boost and ennoble it. That piece of technology I just got is very welcome in my life, and my everyday perspectives are naturally shifting, for the better. I get to choose the pace, sometimes, and let the rest operate, with no resistance, only to refine and sharpen this thriving toolbox of mine. That growing wealth, not the one in the bank, is experiences had and perspective acquired: always ready and curious for “what is next”. Feeling inspired, regardless of the bruises.

Photo credit © Olivier Borgognon Photography – “Yoav @usine à gaz”